Lord, lead us from the unreal to the real.
~ Ancient Sanskrit prayer

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Building Wealth is a curriculum. It teaches the basic literacy we need to be personally and financially successful and to do so in a manner in which together we evolve a culture that supports the emergence of an advanced human civilization.

Money is a creature of law—and the growth of economies depends on cooperation and the rule of law. This means that one of most important questions in a financial system is, “Who enforces?” That question brings us back to culture. The more a group of people conduct their daily lives in a productive manner and self-enforce, the less need there is to create bureaucracies with the power and authority to enforce. External enforcement is often where the corruption that drains and destroys productivity and wealth starts—and then grows.

There are six sections to the Building Wealth curriculum:

  • A Free and Inspired Life
  • Navigation Tools
  • Risk Management
  • Living Equity
  • Financial Equity
  • Turtle Forth

I started creating Building Wealth when I began to speak publicly about what was happening in the financial system. Until that time, I had been busy building wealth myself—and it had never occurred to me to talk about it, let alone to do so publicly. I had been raised from a very young age to simply “be” it and also had been trained to “do” it. I intuitively understood that building wealth is as much energetic and cultural as it is behavioral—it is an attitude, an intention, and an identity as a person with the power to create wealth.

After I began speaking up, I became appalled at the corruption in the media, so I invited people to ask me questions directly. I received so many questions on how to handle personal finances and manage savings and investments that I created an investment advisory company to handle the requests for assistance.

Working with individuals and families on their finances helped me grapple up close with the impact that centralization and corruption were having in families’ daily lives and their management of assets. The first thing I realized was that everyone needed better navigation tools. Given that we live in a world governed by an “official reality” as well as reality, we need to have good working maps of both—and know when to use them. Using a map of the “official reality” for your risk management and investments is a surefire way to end up as financial roadkill. The need to provide navigation tools for my clients was what inspired me to launch the Solari Report.

Over the years, I continued to observe families’ successes and failures in building wealth, and I discovered that strategies that work in peacetime are insufficient in wartime—or in times when the society we have been a part of is breaking down. This is why risk management is so important. If one financial fraud or health care fraud can wipe out one or more generations of savings, then clearly, excellent risk management is a critical skill for both building and preserving wealth.

The most important thing to appreciate about the Building Wealth materials is that success depends on basic literacy in all six areas and—most crucially—on integration across all six areas. Often, I would have clients who were excellent in some areas but ignorant in others, and their ignorance in a critical area would drain or wipe out the wealth they had accumulated in the areas in which they were strong. Others were rocked by corruption and gave up trying, not understanding that things actually were far from hopeless; they did not realize that once they understood how to protect themselves, they could get back to the process of adding economic value to others.

The worst situations I witnessed, however, were when families who had all the basic literacies within the family—meaning they had everything they needed to succeed—failed to cooperate and work together. They were destroyed by the “divide and conquer” that turns men and women—or generations—against each other. Conversely, families that achieved cooperation and pooled and integrated their literacies were much more successful, and even powerful. Unfortunately, that type of success became more challenging to achieve as technology invaded our lives, and our smartphones gave Mr. Global’s surveillance, AI, and mind control technologies 24/7 access to the minds and hearts of family members, and particularly our children.

At its root, Building Wealth is for people who wish to live their lives in alignment with divine intelligence as opposed to Mr. Global’s dystopic vision of machine intelligence, let alone the demonic intentions currently moving through the machine.

As I and the Solari team started to organize the Building Wealth curriculum into collections of links for my quarterly and annual Equity Overviews, we discovered that the young people on our team were eager to learn how to build wealth. Better yet, the older generation was excited about teaching them—the idea that we could teach the next generation to avoid all the traps we ourselves had fallen into created the most amazing energy.

Ricardo Oskam works with me in Solari Investment Screens (formerly Solari Investment Advisory Services). We no longer provide investment advisory services; rather, we provide investment screens to a money manager. Ricardo has a wealth of personal and professional training in all of the financial aspects of building wealth—and an insatiable desire to both learn and live a free and inspired life.

Ricardo has agreed to lead a team of young people who are enthusiastic about building wealth, while I lead a team of experienced people keen to help them do so. Thus, with this first launch of the curriculum, our journey of building wealth continues in an exciting new phase.

I have no idea where it will lead. All I know is that the amount of wealth that can be created in this world is a near-infinite multiple of what currently exists.

Every day, the Solari team arises and turtles forth to build wealth with you. We look forward to seeing what we can create together on the road ahead.

You never know what is possible until you try.

Catherine Austin Fitts
Stavoren, Netherlands
February 27, 2023