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~ C.S. Lewis

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Top Stories

Overarching Themes

In considering the top stories for the 3rd Quarter of 2022, several overarching themes emerged:

  1. The battle to shift to a global model of centralized control is raging—but it has a built-in incoherence and lacks resilience. Ultimately, a model that continues to generate a “negative return on investment” cannot succeed.
  2. People up against the top-down push to extract wealth and destroy productivity have “had it.” Whether in the U.S. heartland, Russia, China, or elsewhere, people want to return to productivity. Fortunately, in the fight between technocracy and productivity, productivity always wins in the end, although a good deal of damage can be done in the meantime.
  3. The current leadership class does not respect productivity and does not understand how to create wealth. Solari’s Building Wealth curriculum can help each of us push back. As Catherine says, “Building wealth is an intention, an attitude, and a cultural way of living”—and we can “out-intention” Mr. Global.

Story #1: Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The death of Queen Elizabeth, whose role on the world stage was much greater than generally understood, represents the end of an era. Elizabeth wielded the crown prerogative with subtlety for 70 years, and turned the 56-country Commonwealth—home to one-third of the world’s population—into a powerhouse. Will the globalist-aligned Charles, who was the face of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” back in 2020, rule for a few years and then turn the crown over to William? Thus far, somewhat surprisingly, Charles’ public presentations have been all Christianity and no Davos.

Story #2: Strong Dollar; Higher Interest Rates; Germany Sides with U.S. on Ukraine and Sanctions; War on the Middle Class; Debt Squeeze Worsens; Inflation; Stock Market Correction

This series of stories are all part of the same push by the central banks for greater central control, but with a “multiple personality disorder” flavor to all the back-and-forth between monetary, fiscal, and health care policies. These developments also include what looks like full-scale economic war by the dollar syndicate against the euro and the yen, helped along by the German leadership’s seeming willingness to commit national suicide by shutting down power plants and sabotaging Germany’s status as a manufacturing juggernaut. Why are German industrialists going along with it? Do these events, some of which appear irrational from the outside, have something to do with behind-the-scenes organized crime pressures (aka SPECTRE)?

Story #3: The Rise in All-Cause Mortality

The rise in all-cause mortality is very real. Dr. Mark Skidmore’s methodologically “bullet-proof” survey (published on his Lighthouse Economics website in early 2022 and, in January 2023, in BMC Infectious Diseases) leaves little room for doubt that the Covid injections and the dangerous mRNA technology are playing a major role. There is also a suggestive appendix in Dr. Jacob Nordangård’s book on the global coup d’état (a document from the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) that shows a proposal for country-specific quotas to “cull” the population, subject to trade and credit embargoes. That scenario could explain what is happening.

Story #4: Pandemic Modified Limited Hangout Begins; Fauci-Gates Start into Chew Toy Status

With ex-CDC director Robert Redfield admitting that they “made up” the concept of social distancing, and other public health leaders issuing similar modified limited hangouts, it looks like John Titus’s early prediction that villains like Gates, Fauci, and Schwab will end up as expendable “chew toys” could come to pass. However, Catherine and Dr. Farrell speculate that Schwab—whose World Economic Forum (WEF) has played such a useful role in marketing the elimination of property rights to young people—will be one of the last to go. The WEF has also done a good job of vetting the young leadership to figure out who is willing to go along with psychopathy.

Story #5: War in the South China Sea

As the economies of China and Taiwan steadily and organically merge, there is little need for military action on China’s part. This raises questions about where the overreliance of the U.S. (in terms of manufacturing and the smart grid) on Taiwanese semiconductors and industry is headed. Dr. Farrell speculates that the historical legacy of Chiang Kai-shek and his Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) is still strong in Taiwan. Taiwan also has a level of managerial excellence that has thus far eluded China. Could Taiwan be asserting influence and power in mainland China rather than the other way around?

Story #6: Weaponization of Mental Health

The weaponization of mental health is dangerous. Solari subscribers report an uptick of doctors asking invasive questions about mental health—even if the patient is simply requesting a blood test or an insurance form. This is a tried-and-true strategy of authoritarians, as the Soviet era illustrated, with dissent relabeled as mental illness. Lest this seem far-fetched, consider the current push to describe Covid “vaccine hesitancy” as a mental health disorder.

Story # 7: The Great Poisoning, Continued

What happened with Covid-19 and the injections provides confirmation that the Great Poisoning is no accident—and it has been going on for decades. The poisoning doesn’t just involve vaccines; it’s also about food, global spraying, environmental toxicity, and much more. One of the biggest challenges and duties that parents face is how to protect their children.

Story #8: WWIII Looms

In the U.S., the “Russia bad, Putin bad, Ukraine good” narrative is wearing thin. Not only that, but the rest of the world, recognizing the validity of Sergey Lavrov’s statement that “the Americans are not agreement-capable,” increasingly finds the U.S. position distasteful. Wherever the Ukraine war is headed and whoever it is ultimately benefiting, it does not look like the Ukrainian or the American people will be the winners.

Story #9: The Wars on Family, Food, and Fuel

The attacks on productivity are clearly helping Mr. Global’s push for central control, but at the same time, depopulation is also under way. Why? Is depopulation a way of reinstituting human sacrifice? And what is the mRNA technology going to do to the human genome? Whatever the answers to these questions, Dr. Farrell is confident that Mr. Global will not be able to run the planet with robots and a vastly reduced population.

Story #10: Rise of BRICS

In a multipolar world, could the dominant geopolitical bloc be the BRICS nations rather than the Asian bloc? For smaller countries that don’t want to be put in the position of having to trust the communist Chinese or Russia, Brazil and India—both BRICS members—are particularly well situated to fill a leadership role. Both have the advantage of having Western systems of law, allowing them to “plug into” the West’s legal system yet remain outside of it. India also does not face the demographic challenges that are confronting China and Russia.

Story #11: Housing Bubble Crash

Thanks to the pandemic and the Going Direct Reset, institutional money has been having a field day buying up the heartland’s real estate. As one group is being put out of business and forced to sell their assets, the other group is getting free money and buying the assets for pennies on the dollar. At the same time, the push to get everyone working from home has launched a boom in home office remodeling.

Story #12: Mind Control; Bodily Sovereignty; Radiation: 5G/6G

Invasive technology is everywhere, compromising privacy. The Solari Report has been encouraging state legislators to support the Constitution and create conditions of sovereignty, including establishing sovereign state banks. However, the big corporate contractors’ monopoly over states’ business telecommunications is a major barrier. Getting the big corporate “telcos” out is essential—if they retain control over information, sovereignty will be impossible.

Story #13: Weaponized Immigration: State Pushback

Many Americans are suffering the fallout of the Biden administration’s open-border position, with some citizens suggesting that they may be forced to take matters into their own hands. Some governors in border states have also indicated that they have had enough.

Story #14: War on Cash; Disaster Capitalism: UK and Ireland

Around the world, there has been an explosive increase in the use of cash. People recognize the war on cash as a threat and are doing something about it. When a bank in Ireland tried to cancel cash, the public’s pushback was so strong that the bank had to roll back its policy 24 hours later. Unfortunately, other stealth tactics may achieve the same ends, such as the UK’s replacement of paper money with polymer notes (aka “digital cash”) and Austria’s proposed constitutional amendment to require cash, which could be used as a Trojan Horse to open up and undermine constitutional frameworks.

Story #15: Japan’s Past Leadership

It is difficult to know how to interpret former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination, other than to infer with a high level of probability that the West was behind it. While in power, Abe not only set Japan on a course toward rearmament but made numerous deals with Russia, putting Japan on an independent diplomatic course from the United States. Japan needs Russian oil, and Russia wants Japan’s engineering expertise. However, some find Japan’s high-quality industrial base and managerial talents threatening—and now, the yen is down 30%.

Story #16: Technocracy and Transhumanism

It is hard to know what to say about the Biden administration’s bizarre executive order on biotechnology and biomanufacturing. As China—a regime apparently lacking moral constraints in the biotech arena—moves full steam ahead with invasive biometrics and its social credit system, the U.S. is basically responding in kind. Combine this with the tsunami of money being appropriated for biodefense, and it is not a pretty picture.