Building Wealth with Ricardo Oskam – Full Video Presentation

You can build wealth. You can build poverty. Or you can build nothing. Which do you prefer?”

~ Catherine Austin Fitts

By Catherine Austin Fitts with Ricardo Oskam

Solari’s Building Wealth materials are organized to inspire and support your personal strategic and financial planning. Money is a tool—one that should serve your free and inspired life. We reject the weaponization of the current financial system as a control grid and envision a monetary and market system that serves the rule of law and a free human civilization. This starts with each one of us building wealth today and every day.

Our revolution is a for-profit revolution.

Though presented across six seemingly distinct pillars, the material presented throughout this course is intricately interwoven. Building wealth requires mastery of far more than just making money or accumulating financial assets. It requires mastering a wider set of skills and integrating them through practice. Wealth lasts when it is integrated with the living equity in your life. Building true wealth is synonymous with growing the size of a pie, and there is tremendous wealth-generating opportunity, but all of that is to no avail if you do not manage risk according to an accurate map of reality. Many merchant ships have lost treasure and lives to the seas as a result of inaccurate maps and navigation tools.

The Building Wealth order and structure is designed like a buffet, so that you can fill your plate with whatever you feel is the best investment of your time and energy. For example, you might already have a clear vision of where you want to go, but you lack the practical tools to start your journey. Or, your family’s balance sheet may already be resilient, but it relies on your participation in Mr. Global’s tyrannical vision. Take responsibility for your circumstances now, and work up to your “black belt” in building wealth. Regardless of where you start, there is always more to learn, more to share, and more to teach. Building wealth is a never-ending story, which is yours to write and live.

The six pillars are as follows:

  • Your Free and Inspired Life: You have the power to live a free and inspired life, and you carry the responsibility to use that power to create wealth for yourself and those you love—your family, your community, and the life around you. Wealth is the provision that sends children to college, finances a local farmer, and makes sure you are supported during an emergency or through hard times. As importantly, wealth is the seed corn that helps a society grow, innovate, and flourish.
  • Navigation Tools: Equipped with a vision of what a free and inspired life looks like to you, you go out into the world each day to create it. Without the proper navigation tools, however, operating in this terrain—marked by secrecy, a lack of transparency, and a wealth of disinformation—will turn out to be an arduous task. There is a critical difference between reality and “official reality.” You need a good map of both, with a steady flow of actionable intelligence in a world that is changing rapidly.
  • Risk Management: In a changing environment, you must manage the risks involved in the building wealth process accordingly. Unless you develop exceptional risk management, your time, income, and assets may be wasted or lost. Falling prey to just one serious health or financial fraud can wipe out the savings of a lifetime.
  • Living Equity: Living equity includes assets that do not constitute property and cannot be priced or traded but are essential to building financial wealth and managing risk. This includes your education and skills—your intellectual capital—which you share with your family, your colleagues, your community, and your country. However, it is resilient only if grounded in a multigenerational vision. Living equity possesses the unique power to serve us and simultaneously and inexhaustibly grow our financial equity. In turn, dedicate your financial equity to fortifying the living world around you. In a world of rising risks, it is people and guard dogs who watch your back, not money.
  • Financial Equity: Money is a tool. Building financial wealth and managing it well are critical components of making sure you have the resources you need and want to live your free and inspired life. Our current financial system is centralizing control and is often destructive to wealth. Don’t let that deter you. Mastering financial matters can help you build a personal system and a wider economy where money serves and supports people and life. Don’t let dirty players put you off of mastering money as a tool that serves freedom—starting with your own free and inspired life.
  • Turtle Forth: As any successful investor knows, you must never quit. Investing—whether in life or assets—involves taking risks and sometimes winning and sometimes losing. Never stop learning. You can be hugely successful at the other five pillars, but if you do not get this last one right, you are not likely to build and maintain wealth. Keep going, keep trying, and never ever quit.

We invite one and all to join us—and the more the merrier. The more wealth we build, the less scarcity there will be to herd us into a control grid.

Your contributions to these materials are welcome. If you have suggestions or comments, please let us know by filling out this survey. We initially presented Building Wealth in our 2nd Quarter 2022 Equity Overview. We will continue to develop these materials throughout 2023.