II. Navigation Tools

“There is official reality. Then there is reality. The official reality is for cocktail parties. Reality is for investment of your time and money and risk management. Your map needs actionable intelligence on both.”

~Catherine Austin Fitts

To understand the territory that you are in, you need a reliable map and tools to navigate. To build and maintain a reliable map, you need to know the difference between news, propaganda, disinformation, entertainment, and actionable intelligence. With discernment, you can find the intelligence you need for your personal strategic and financial planning.

After protecting your mind against undue influence and manipulation, one of the most important things you can do is learn about how the money and the power works around you.

Wisdom is woven throughout the universe. You can choose to access the divine intelligence and use your intuition and powers of rational thought instead of being controlled by machines and digital systems and the intentions they channel such as hypermaterialism.

The world suffers from a multiple personality disorder. You do not – instead you understand it and navigate it to serve your purpose.

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